Student by day. Designer by night. Occasional letterer. Real life cookie monster.


A website that helps people easily swap unwanted clothes with friends, reducing textile waste. This is a passion project that a team of us is currently implementing.

Interaction Design, Visual Design


An Android app that helps connect people looking for pets with the right animal for their unique lifestyle.

Interaction Design, Visual Design


An bike lock ecosystem that helps students easily find spaces to park and lock their bikes on Georgia Tech campus.

UX Research, UX Design


An iOS app that allows you and a group of friends to split a check hassle-free.

Interaction Design, Visual Design


We redesigned the app experience for movie lovers using iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

UX Design, Visual Design


A mobile website that helps people endure a natural disaster.

UX Design

US Navy

An Android tablet app for pilots to easily find crucial information during flight. This was one of my projects while interning at Big Nerd Ranch.

Visual Design

A bit more about me!

I am a design nerd who loves to create delightful experiences. I am finishing up my master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech, graduating in May! Last summer, I was a UX/UI Design Intern at Big Nerd Ranch where I got to design mobile apps for various clients.

I love creating solutions that address a true user need. Working away into the late nights with my teammates, sitting in front of the whiteboard, and drawing away on scraps of paper, have been some of my favorite parts of this journey.

My design path wasn't always linear. I studied Accounting as an undergrad but discovered a passion for technology and design towards the end of college. Working as a consultant in the business world helped me develop a strong empathy for my users and clients. I decided to follow my gut and come into the design world.

Whenever I find the time, I like to rock climb, practice lettering, and eat.